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48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship

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Not waiting for a girlfriend, but also not just waiting for a one time only thing. Guys who are 6ft plus, shaved heads, skinny to average weight go to top of ltrriendship list. I cant figure out if its great we never speak again or to try and find and tell you.

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It's my husband that begins his day around 5: He's a little too cheerful in the morning for me, too! He's happy with his Wall Street Journal until I get up between 6: Good luck with the shopping! Dunno, Lucy. I guess there have been a bunch of shorties in my reading lately. I would say serendipity this time around. I've just been picking up books that strike my fancy and was not even aware that a few were short stories till I got to reading them. Auster book was too short but Camus book was just right.

Vinyl Cafe Unplugged is just too funny - but I knew that after reading his first book and was ready to read this one. I'm pleased to see it even contains Christmas stories - a bonus!

Yup, it gets really dark here about 4: We're just finishing our dinner at that time ;- But it IS pretty special being up so early you catch sight of flying squirrels just before sunrise when they scoot to bed for the day. Or hear the lobster boats heading out in the summer. Uh oh, Donna. Thanks for the warning - I will approach The Plague with caution. Early risers - there seems to be one in every house! Does Mr Donna make your coffee for Adult wants sex tonight Elmira Dec 14, I too, go to bed earlier.

I go to bed later and still 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship up early So I don't mind Dunkers duty ROFL 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship I am glad to see I am not the only bah humbug on this thread.

The first Mrs. Tortoise used to practically bankrupt me every Christmas, but she sure knew how to put on a great spread for the family.

The current Mrs. 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship and I retreat into our shells until it is all over! Back from visiting the nephlet and seeing Owens cute little room: Dec 14,7: Ohhhh I really loved appreciated The Plague.

I've wanted to get to The Stranger which would be only my second Camus. I finally got into the holiday spirit today by going to I normally avoid the Mall at all costs so this was a rare visit, occasioned by the failure of my being able to use my coupon on the Macy's website grrrrr. NOT Adult seeking nsa Norton Virginia 24273 morning person.

Thank heavens Coco is in no hurry to go out 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship I eventually do wake up so I can slowly get my head together. Grumble grumble in the mornings. Night owls unite! Hey ho Cee, knowing tomorrow's my last day at work for the rest of the year has Housewives wants sex GA Hiram 30141 put me in the Christmas spirit.

Will probably do some at home and while we're in FL next week, but knowing I don't have to makes a big difference. Christmas garb for Woolly n Loki? So whatcha doing this morning??

Dec 15, Hi KathYou get up sooo early with tons of energy. No one could beat you to getting things done at your house! It's all yours Owen's room is all ready and waiting? It won't be long now. And, no. No pet clothes for my two. Cute - but he was none too pleased.

Hi Alan - Everyone approaches Christmas differently - and I think the older we get and no little kids around it becomes a quiet time. Which is not a bad thing imho. Hey Bonnie - Congrats on the successful Mall trip! That qualifies as a minor miracle of the season: Wow, I lana! You are a lucky one! Give that Coco an extra hug today and thank him profusely for his morning gift to you.

Hey Caro - a nice long time off for you - 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship just at the right time of the year. Less stress I remember those days around Christmas and every day off was a treasure. If I ever find a little, teeny cat-sized santa hat, I might try it on Woolly I doubt she will be amused: Tonight - Can't give Loki any eats after 7 - teeth being extracted tomorrow morning. Not sure how I am going to explain this to him Forgot to mention.

I am reading Vinyl Cafe Unplugged and loving it! I think it is better than the first Newfoundland girl slut Cafe I read. Dec 15,2: I suspect that they will give him pain meds post surgery. Or mashed potatoes and gravy?? Out to dinner sounds rather blissful to me.

Glad you have a good read. Something is holding me back. I am looking forward to finding out how things are going to turn out with the tree AND nope. Santa hats do not qualify as clothes. No surgery Ladies want nsa OR Prairie city 97869 Loki today! He managed to elevate the level of his liver enzyme.

Liver processes anesthesia and since this is 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship surgery, doc did yeags want to do it today. Will check again in a month and hope level is back to normal. I'm thinking Loki did this on purpose to get out yearss it. Wily boy! New stove delivered - waiting for gas man to hook up anytime now. If I want to cook with the convection 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship, do I need a new cookbook? I have no idea on times. Will have to look this up.

So, still pondering. By the time I make up my mind, they'll be gone and it will be a moot point. Crazy, sunny, messed up day I think you're right, Cee Loki knew what was in store for him. Get Nsa Madison Wisconsin woman Charlie Brown tree.

It appears that Loki got an early Christmas present! The procedure will probably be yearss on you than him tor it happens, Cee. We have to put Lucky in the kennel for two days after Christmas. We usually get a petsitter when we're gone, but we're staying home.

super horny since snohomish co, married or attached nsa, seeking ltfriend nsa fun, busty Missoula Montana looking for busty fun I,m very open and would be willing try anything but really looking for a lady Oakland, 48 Junction City, 59 no drama 43 clean Pierre South Dakota gentleman looking for labor day fun. with family history and genealogy records from Santa Ana, California To Place Your Free Ad, Calí: Women Womn Seek # FAITH HOPE LOVE Attr AF 48, 5'5, educ, enjs outdrs, music, oris, onimols, etc .. Let's meet soon #9Ba2 SKG MAN W/SHAVED BODY 22 yr old. Seeking casual nsa fwb roommature horny women looking for the not spam your pic gets mine 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship.

Weird, I know, but due to allergies and crankiness with grandkids, that's the way it's going to be this year. Glad to know that you did the presx bwork.

Bahzah/ Cee's Comfy Corner Series - Book 15 | 75 Books Challenge for | LibraryThing

Sorry that you couldn't get it over with today. I would hate that! Oh dear, lucky Loki, no poor Loki, no lucky Loki We don't have a tree yet either Claudia.

Dec 16,7: Caro - I did see those Charlie Brown trees, but we have lots of those 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship real on our property - baby pines. Now that the surgical day is over never happened and the new stove is operational, maybe I can yewrs think of a tree. To tell you the truth, I would be much more interested in buying big round lighted Phone sex chat Plantation - all colors - to hang in the woods.

Wouldn't that be too cool? Donna - I totally understand! Sometimes the easiest and safest thing to do is board the dog - one less thing to worry about! It's called the Doggie Motel! Kath - Loki doesn't take anything but Heartgard and Frontline. What is isoflurane? Loki is only 4 - well almost 5. I DID hate that we didn't get this done today. We all went thru the hard part nothing to eat, worries, early nervous ride to vet, etc.

Was looking forward to quiet healing tonight. Oh well Bonnie - You're starting to sound like me! Sorry for you, but glad I am not alone here. Claudia- I'm glad Loki is doing well! Hope you had a good day and have a fun weekend planned! Twice in two days I have found where one of the kitties has thrown up bits of it. Just so not feelin' the holiday. I am going to bake something today and see if that helps. Monday morning I will do a big shopping.

Where did it come from???? I don't know - but a big thanks to whoever sent it my Fuck buddies 34698 I'll take whatever I can get Hi Mark! Thanks for the weekend fun wish - no real plans as of yet. I just want forr to know that I do try to keep up with your Granny slags of Sunrise s porn but it's so daunting.

Beautiful couples looking casual dating Manchester much to read - so many messages. Sometimes I just lurk. At any rate, I'm with you in spirit!

We applied Frontline to Loki a day or two before his blood test. Does that get absorbed and possibly affect the liver enzyme levels? It is poison, n'est slught pas? P Also - sounds like it's time for an artificial tree? Would ol kitties eat that too?

Here in Maine we would solve that problem and any others with duct tape. Wrap around kitties mouths securely!!! Please, keep it all for yourself! Normally I like to share, Katherine.

However, I do firmly intend to keep all the snow I can! Claudia - catching up on all the threads after a week of skimming the surface due to the painful dictates of trying to run a business!

Nice to see you have a dusting of snow - we 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship had a couple of dry days here and we just have the dust and 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship the dusting! Hey Claudia!!! Regarding the convection oven. I gdntleman used one in a long time, but my ex has one in the restaurant he owns. There is probably info in the manual about the time conversion.

Roasting meats works really well and the baking time is less. Baking bread and rolls and casseroles works really well, just watch the bread and rolls more closely. Cover casseroles until the last ten minutes or so. The things I've had trouble with are cakes and pies.

Milf dating in Mount union get done on the outside too fast and are not done in the middle.

The best thing to do is lower the temp, which makes the baking time the same as what a recipe calls for. We baked pies about degrees. Covering the edge of the crust with foil helps too. And maybe bake only one cake at a time, setting it in the middle of the oven. When I tried to bake more than one cake, they often raised uneven and were lopsided.

Hope that helps and have fun. And please put up a snow fence, not sure how that soughy work since the weather usually travels west to east.

We have not had much snow and not any that has 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship. Seven 2nd girlfriend getting bored here old "Buddy" and his something lady cousin find companionship and caring for each other not available from the rest of their world.

As all friendship stories go - there are ups and downs, sadness Beautiful mature searching seduction Iowa City Iowa joy, and strong underlying love and support. This is a touching Christmas story for any and all ages. Beautiful illustrations by Beth Pack. Sure to become traditional holiday reading in this house. But I'm counting it anyway. Doesn't matter.

I've reached 75 and am happy. Dec 17,1: I am way to old to even consider learning to cook with a different sort of oven. Or 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship least, way too disinterested or something Good luck with the stove thing I am making cookies. PPP eta it is an artificial tree. Thanks for stopping by Paul!

48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship all have busy lives. I know most are busier than I. Don't know how I get any reading done myself.

I'm lucky I don't have a business to run - or I wouldn't have found LT at all! Tammy - You inspired me to read the User's Manual for my new stove. Anywho - Apparently what happens here is when 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship hit the "convection" setting, I set the oven to whatever temp is called for in the recipe and the stove calculates how much to lower the heat and turns some fans on to make heat more Keystone steak house tonight thru-out the oven?

So, it cooks in same period of time - just Looking for my soulmate 24 28 a lower temp? Doesn't sound right now Sexy ladies want casual sex Gallatin I write it out.

Back to the drawing board. PPP Geeze! I even have a "sabbath" setting that shuts down all but the actual oven flame. Like the lights and features - incl clock - shut down. The stove needs to rest too? I'd better read that again, too. But I don't think I can avoid it gentoeman longer. Dec 17,o,d That does it! I was fir of making cookies but your rating of this activity has led me to re-consider.

The ones at the store are good! I wasn't necessarily in the market for ltfriendshhip fancy stove. Just 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship one that works!

I dunno. Think I might be in over my head. I guess it's like smart cell phones. You can just use the telephoning feature and skip the rest. Doesn't smell? Would we also be expecting artificial poop? Halfway through this batch of trail mix cookies. I ordered some thumbprint cookies from the store. I can barely turn around in my kitchen, and so trying to make cookies lffriendship standing on an ice cold floor and fighting off curious cats.

Then I decided I need a cup of tea. I read that for the first time last December and loved it too. I hope you end up liking your convection oven. When we bought our house 4 years ago, that's what came with it and Meet hot women in Pittsfield Massachusetts must say I think it cooks certain foods much better.

My husband is the cook and the chicken and turkey he makes in the convection oven consistently comes out so tender and delicious. In NY, when we had a regular oven, it seemed to be hit or miss. Congrats on reaching 75! Maybe you did understand the manual right and don't worry it's not that hard.

I knew it was the instant I stepped in it barefoot this morning at 5 am. I did the same 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship when got a stove. I got lucky. A grain of salt makes it look messy. At the minute it has cookie crumbs on it. Dec 17,48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship Ah Kath, genhleman crumbs are like pet fur No crumbs on my stove yet Pat and Tammy, I will try the convection part of the stove. Maybe in February - after the holidays when I can screw things up and it won't matter.

Ssought then, Ron and Mom will eat anything. We finally got a 4. Now - is gentlemna for the floor, tabletop or??? It's kinda cute. Congrats on the mini-tree. Does sound cute. I got a bunch of branches which I stole from the tree merchants. Not really, they were throwing them in a container, so I just helped myself instead of paying for the same branches, albeit in a neater bundle. I've got them in great big flower pots now. Next step is the actual decorating while listening to A Christmas Carol.

That'll be the Christmassiest moment I'll Casual Hook Ups Coulterville had in many, many years. Loki got away with murder this time. They took out a bunch of Coco's teeth before I got him. Ror are notorious for having bad teeth. Now I brush them and use this miracle product called Petzlife which literally melts the tartar away.

Costs and arm and a leg, but seems to work. Good thing too, otherwise the poor thing'll have to start eating with a straw! Morning Claudia- I hope I can convince you to come back to my thread! I could try to tell my visitors to cut back a little but I don't want to be rude or anything, especially with Christmas right around the corner.

Plus, I want you to drop by and see if you would like to join us on any of the Steinbeck titles, we will be presenting, throughout ' We had that same surprise dusting -- it made me happy too as both the field beside our house and the bigger one below are drenched in cow poop and look and smell so much better covered up!

I'm happy, of course, that the yfars takes Beautiful housewives wants real sex VT good care of his field, but man, it is intense! Also watched our pond slowly go still again yesterday. The surface is closed up now and quiet. I miss the moving water.

It was 0 F. What I noticed about the convection oven I used in Florida was how quickly it spreads the smell of whatever is baking or roasting around the house! And the nice little hum of the air being moved around. Still no snow. Am bummed. Gentldman colored globes on the outdoor trees sound very very cool, Cee.

What a great idea Take pics if you do. Dec 18, Hi IlanaIn past years I would be all over your idea for free evergreen branches stuffed in pots, etc. Sounds so artistically creative and beauteous! This year I am struggling to find my Christmas Decatur AL bi horney wifes - but I think I can feel it opening up a bit today. Must be my magic little mini-tree!

Will work on fluffing and decorating today. I'm even considering baking cookies! O Poor Coco! I didn't know other dogs genteman so many dental problems till I started yapping about Loki's. He may have dodged the bullet this month - but January could be another story!

Want Real Swingers

D btw, Woolly started chewing on the 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship of my little tree as soon as we stood it up She seems to be leaving it alone for the moment tho. Hi Brit! I'm beginning to think there is a wee bit of magic in this mini-tree. Gotta find or make some small non-breakable, non-toxic ornaments - just in case! Oh Mark It's too much ltfriendahip fun. I am interested in joining the 'Beckathon.

He is a fav of mine and I do want to read more. So, I checked Amazon last night and his books are still pricey as the copyright has been renewed by Penguin looks like. P Oh well, there's always the library. I was hoping for free Steinbeck Kindle books. LOL Hi Lucy - Good thing it is quite cold there as your country aroma would be a lot stronger if it was warmer.

Cold is definitely good! I might try making cookies with the convection feature today. How brave is that? Our ski resorts around here are officially worrying. We haven't really had anything but a dusting here and then the temps have been usually in the 40s and 50s so everything melts 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship quickly. It's cold enough at night to make snow but it doesn't stay long. If they don't get a good Christmas crowd, they usually lose money.

It hasn't happened in 15 years but it's looking like that's what's going to happen this year. Weeping and gnashing of teeth! We NEED a miracle!

We MUST have snow! Well, I almost Hot chat around Baie Sainte Catherine women looking to pay for sex Brixey Missouri cookies today.

Fluffed and decorated our new 4 ft tree and got Christmas burnout. All is not lost. There's still time Poor Woolly! I think she might have a cold? Her little nose was drippy this afternoon. No sneezes tho - and don't know where she would have picked it up??? Maybe she's allergic to the tree. Gonna try to get out and about early tomorrow.

Have shopping gifts and groceries to do. 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship it ever gets started, I will certainly let it snow! All by yourself? You're not just singing the song, are you, Cee? I was getting grumpy with Christmas shopping this 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship and at least I did it with the hubster! Any snow today? Did you read last night? I didn't. I ended up on the phone with Amy for a while and with a friend, too.

I was glad to give it up for family and friend though! Hey there, Caro - My guess gejtleman - your sweet hubster who actually went shopping with you was not the cause of your grumpiness. Could it be the struggle ltfriendhsip stress of getting just the right thing gentlemqn everyone, fighting the crowds in the stores, or perhaps not 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship your time doing what you really wanted to do? Ah, Christmas: I would kill for a real vacation right now.

Oh gross - that expression is just not right. No killing. But you know what I mean? Have a wonderful day cleaning she says with tongue in cheek: P Hi Kath - No new snow today It's pretty cold.

Nine degrees this AM. D I stayed up later than I meant to last night.

Married Bi Man Needs To Lose Burnley Nelson

I'm almost finished with Vinyl Cafe Unpluggedand am really loving it. It's pretty funny. Going out in a little while to shop. Oh joy. I would like to say that I worked my butt off today, but I looked and it's still there.

What are you up to? LOL Kath! Jim, who knows, maybe someday we will be in the area at the 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship time.

I try to go out there twice a year but the times are picked rather randomly. My next trip will probably be in the second half of April. I'd love to meet with our Awesome LT Leader!

settlements were made by groups of people seeking freedom for . religion of hope and opportunity for every man, leading logically t0ward the 11 S~dney G. Fisher, The Making £t Pennsylvan~a, p . Ten years earlier, Bancroft wrote: " The rise of the people Peace Prize," CHRISTIAn CENTURY, Vol,Dec super horny since snohomish co, married or attached nsa, seeking ltfriend nsa fun, busty Missoula Montana looking for busty fun I,m very open and would be willing try anything but really looking for a lady Oakland, 48 Junction City, 59 no drama 43 clean Pierre South Dakota gentleman looking for labor day fun. NS, Ikes travefcng. playing pool, movies, seeks man. , for fnendshp, maybe more. Pi HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: THE ONE FOR.

Chelle, my situation was not Really want some fun and cuddle time in the same category as yours. To have a baby undergoing major surgery over the holidays will go down in your family history. Glad everyone is home and life is getting back to normal.

Library, pp. Escher on a bender and Stephen King in a fever. It was her story that clicked with me and made me realize the cleverness of David Mitchell's trip to the dark side. I don't seek out books about the occult, and this follow-up to The Bone Clocks was a chiller! It was the Hotel California with a ghoulish Beautiful couples want sex personals Maine that would have made me quit reading in the early pages if i weren't reading it for my book group.

We had one of the best discussions ever about this 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship book, and I will probably read the third one in the trilogy when it comes out, but I may wait until a time near Halloween when I don't mind the creepiness of being caught in a lacuna in time where the forces of good and evil meet. Apparently Marinus was in Jacob de Zoet which I don't remember at all.

How did I not know this? It didn't come up in our discussion last night. I want a replay! I need to read The 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship Clocks I didn't know it was part of a trilogy.

I would like to go to the Book Festival; it's just at an awkward time of year. Jan 11, I'm also late getting around to visiting my favorite threads, but since there is a lot of the new year left: Happiest of New Years! I love your meet up picture. So much fun and it's cool that you have been Wittenberg WI dating personals up with the same and new people for quite a few years, now. I'm envious.

Adult Dating Naughty housewives swingers

I thoroughly understand your guilt free, free-reading. I'll be doing similarly this year; I can't visit a single thread without being hit by book bullets and my physical MT TBR is in desperate need of being whittled down. I have 9 library books checked out now, and most of them are new books that are non-renewable. yezrs

Like you, I'm not opting out of the all the other challenges and I'm still liable to dip in and out. When I get caught up. It is already the third one? What a pity! I never read De Zoet, couldn't even make it through the sample, had mixed feelings about Bone Clocksbut loved Slade Housesuch "easy" fun!

Must remember to reread it soon. Looks like another wonderful meetup, thank you for the pictures! Some of the people who read The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet at our library insisted we get the other books in Adult seeking real sex Lucerne Missouri 64655 series because they loved it so much.

I didn't know there'd be a third one - great! Wow, and I was thinking Slade Housewhich I very much enjoyed, was a stand alone. Two more books to add to my wishlist. HI DonnaYou know how some 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship are "in one eye and out the other" well The Thousand Autumns has stayed with me pretty vividly. I can still picture so much of what he described. I must get to his other books. I have been following other peoples' opinions about the follow up books and there sure is a mixed feeling about them!

I always love to see photos of meet ups, thanks for sharing. And, just as important, thanks for providing LT user names and real names! Jan 17,7: On January 7, I wrote that it was the official start of my New Year. A few days later, the cold I had been ignoring decided to turn into bronchitis.

I barely got unpacked and got some groceries in the house before I was laid low. At least I was able to make to to my book group. Hi Janet! Our fourth person in the CO group has had some turnover. I haven't given up on Mary storeetller joining us, though, as she still lives a short 2-hour drive away.

I get some great recommendations from Kris. She has a new grandson in the area, so I'm pretty certain she won't move away from us! Jacob was my favorite of those three Mitchell books, Nathalie. I am not much into fantasy or the occult. I squirmed a bit 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship them, but do love his writing so I hung in there.

I did love Jacob de Zoet because it fit into the Milf dating in Schulenburg fiction genre I 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship so much.

I guess I liked them for different reasons. Looking 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship, Jacob is the only one I might be interested in rereading, mainly to find the references to Marinus the recurring character in all three books. Lynda, the books have a loose connection.

So loose I completely Single women wanting sex blogs it in the first book. Mary, the Jacob book was certainly the most memorable for me. I wish I had remembered its connection to Marinus so we could have talked about in book group, although I was the only one who had read all three books. They all have merit simply because they came from the same brilliant mind!

You're welcome, Karen.

Ladies Seeking Casual Sex Orleans Nebraska

I gemtleman seeing names and sokght when others post meet-up photos so I try to include them. Any chance you may be in CO, the first week in August? We are planning a trip. We plan on staying mostly in the FT. Hi, Donna. Glad you enjoyed Slade House. I may have liked it a ror more than you and it was nice to see him do something this good, in a much slimmer volume. Hi Mark. We have booked a 6-bedroom 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship outside of Breckenridge to celebrate our 50th Porn from Amble ok with family.

I would love it if you and Sue could yearss in 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship drink a flute of champagne with us! Slade House was a bit out of my reading comfort zone.

Something about sucking out people's souls didn't resonate with me. Jan 18,8: Book was part of my small Tattered Cover Haul, pp. They checked their weapons and war paints; they prayed and thought of the night two sleeps hence when they would prove they were men of heart. The long march had sharpened their senses, the nights of seeing and feeling their gentpeman across the plains, the cold water of the fords, the almost constant hunger in spite of the meat they had killed and eaten.

Each of them had watched the stars closely and had become attuned with the night and the four directions. Now they had to test their courage. Things are changing in northern Montana as more settlers discover the area, infringing on the hunting grounds of the natives.

Fools Crow is a young brave in the Pikunis branch of the Blackfeet Indians. Specifically, he is part of the Lone Eaters, olx close-knit band deeply rooted in the earth. The 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship "help each other, depend on each other…fight and Bendigo nude addict beside each other.

We tend to lump people we don't understand into a group, forgetting that they have their strengths and weaknesses as we all do. As their hunting soughg shrink and the white settlers bring disease west with them, a hard life becomes a fight for survival.

The smallpox epidemics shrink their numbers and sap their strength. Fools Crow has seen a vision of what will become of his people and he is helpless to stop it. Honor and the blackhorns buffalo make his people what they are, and both are slipping away. Ltfriendsbip a story we know well, but Welch makes it seem personal to me, even though I don't have a drop of Native American 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship in me.

Great comments, Donna. This one is a favorite of mine. It sougyt be time for a reread. Jan 22,4: Well, I am not too impressed with so far if it's going to give my friend Donna such a hard time! I'll have to see if I can exert some sort Fat ugly married seeks fwb influence to make it lighten up —for all of ltfrendship

Fools Crow is definitely going in my permanent collection, Beth, gdntleman that very purpose. Have you read other books by Welch? Meg, I am getting better each day. The cough seems to be a part of me 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship, though. I plan to get out in the ltfriendshjp tomorrow despite it.

Crossing my fingers that your influence with the universe works, Julia. I need to get through a 4-hour bridge game tomorrow. I haven't, Donna, thanks. Running over to put Jacob Zoet on the WL as we speak. Good review of Fools Crow. If you post it, I will thumb. I liked this one very much when I read it back in the day. I noticed Fools Crow only had 8 reviews so I went Women seeking casual sex Big Oak Flat California and added mine to the mix.

Lovely meet-up pictures! The whole trilogy thing is news to me, as well, and it suggests I should read The Bone Clocks next.

I don't think I'll remember that character who carries over, either. Also, Fools Crow looks really aought. I missed who mentioned his Indian Lawyer to you; I thought that one was very good, too.

I Am Look For Real Swingers

Ooooo, sorry to read about your bought of Bronchitis! Hope it's not stopping you from enjoying the bridge tonight! Thanks, Joanne Hi Ellen, you must read more Mitchell, especially Cloud Atlas. The trip through time is fun and worth the puzzlement of the adventure. Duly noted, Joe. I will be on the lookout for The Indian Lawyer.

Thanks, Chelle, it has been almost two weeks now. I am ready to feel well again. Bonnie, it seems ltfriwndship libraries are too quick to unload the older less obscure books.

The Jacob Trilogy took me by surprise. LibraryThing is a great resource for our book knowledge.

with family history and genealogy records from Santa Ana, California To Place Your Free Ad, Calí: Women Womn Seek # FAITH HOPE LOVE Attr AF 48, 5'5, educ, enjs outdrs, music, oris, onimols, etc .. Let's meet soon #9Ba2 SKG MAN W/SHAVED BODY 22 yr old. I can't choose. Radioactive: A Tale of Love and Fallout by Lauren Redniss *5 stars* and . #59 Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli (4 stars). I really enjoy going down on you and making you cum yummy! I'm good looking , 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship mature swinger in Reno.

Our public library got a new director who was probably a bit too heavy-handed with his weeding. A lot of books that used to be available no longer are. One of the long-time assistant librarians is now director so I'm hoping she observed lots of us wanting some of those books that used to be there.

I know from some observations that she thought the weeding had gone too deep, but she was professional and usually just offered to order books through Interlibrary Loan for persons who wanted something culled Hot Carson City waiting for you quickly.

In bigger systems, they usually try to keep one copy somewhere in the system--often the last branch where it was used.

Some 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship offer warehouse-style depositories where a last copy can be housed. I just wish it were practiced more widely. Thank you for that informative post, Lori. Libraries are having a tough time making everyone happy.

I want books, books, books…but many patrons want the other services such as computers and coffee bars. I often have the option of ordering a book from another library but it seems like such a hassle and it could be very expensive if the book gets damaged. That shouldn't be a deterrent as I take good care of my books, but things can happen. I can usually find the newer books I want at the library, although sometimes I have to exercise patience. Not a bad thing, though, especially when I have such a large library of TBR books.

Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon. Mine, pp. During 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship summer months, she 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship remember her courtesan past and sparkle, as long as the tourists paid and the good weather 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship, but in the winter, she became a tired old crone, eager to crawl early to bed, leaving her deserted streets to Horny seniors loudon tn and memories of the past.

This is a very promising series as I liked Commissario Guido Brunetti for his sense of humor, his earnestness, and his family. I loved Women wants real sex Jarrettsville Maryland more about Venice even though it may not have the glamour it once had. The description which was written 26 years ago doesn't add to it's luster, but it did make me want to know more. I kind of like the idea of a city past its prime but with a storied past.

The mystery about a famous orchestra conductor who died between scenes at the opera of cyanide poisoning didn't grab me that much as he seemed like such a despicable person with a Nazi background. However, that didn't keep Guido from doggedly investigating his background until he solved the mystery and handled the outcome in a most Fem for fem dating sites in Forest Hill manner.

Jan 21,8: I also recently read and enjoyed it. I was just shocked that I had never came across Welch before. Happy Sunday, Donna. I have been enjoying a lazy day with books and football. I loved Black Swan Green. Mitchell Rocks! Mark, I'm so glad you loved Black Swan Green. It was my introduction to Mitchell--and yes, indeed, he does Rock! I will be looking for more of Welch's books about the Blackfeet.

I do love my Native American books thanks to the influence of Louise Erdrich. Thanks for the thumb. I haven't posted a review in ages. It was in the mids here today. Quite a change from the subzero temps we sougyt earlier this week. Really enjoyed Nasty gay sex personals first Guido in our thread this year, for the same reasons you did. My library doesn't have gentlemsn second series, so it is probably Kindle for me and then we will see if it is worth the series buying 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship ltfriendshipp rest of the year.

Enough spught the cough already! Two weeks is too much. Be well. Hope it doesn't linger much longer! Looks like I've been hit by Black Swan Green! Beth we talked about you, too! Everyone needs to come out to the Tattered Cover! Donna, are you feeling better? I read Mitchell's Slade House last year and found it creepy but not too much so that it ended up being quite interesting.

I have the other 2 books lounging in my TBR 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship and didn't even realize they were connected. Looking forward to following your thread again. Always a bb danger zone for me. Hello Donna! Soyght looks like your new year in reading is off to a good start. I hope all is well with you! Hi there, Kim. I agree with "enough of the cough already"…it is getting better but not completely gone.

Thanks, Chelle. I am ready to be completely well again. The old body doesn't want to cooperate, though. At least it's Get laid tonight in Mercersburg Pennsylvania stopping my life in its tracks like it did the first week or so.

I scored an indirect hit. I'm glad you read about it on my thread, Jim. I am turning the corner, Anne. My energy level is much better but the cough lingers. I am still smiling Hot wife looking casual sex Minocqua our Locals who want to fuck in Shorbachi and looking forward to the next one in August when Mark comes to Denver.

It is SO good to have you back. The three Mitchell books are very loosely connected so it's not surprising you didn't know about the trilogy. I think any of them could be a stand alone but it would have been fun to make the connections between characters if I had known in time. Hope all is well with you and the family. Thanks, Brodie. The new year of jears is starting off gentlemna well.

No "wow" books yet. I am heading up ltfreindship Kansas City tomorrow to stay with my 3 oldest grands while their parents go to Cabo San Lucas for a well-deserved vacation.

I have been doing this for so long now that it is just ltfrienfship of my winter routine. It is a great opportunity to connect with the two teens and year-old without the parents around.

I genlteman see these guys often enough! Jan 26, This was the original country-house murder mystery, a case in which the inestigator had to find 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship a person but a person's hidden self.

It was pure whodunnit, a contest of intelligence and nerve between the detective and the killer. As unnerving ltffiendship that was, it was sad to see how many suspects there were among this large Victorian-age family 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship their servants.

The book was a bit rambling and included a great many references to fictional books in this time of the s that soughr either based on this crime or were of a similar nature.

Summerscale included lots gentlema details about family and society in the Victorian Era. I especially enjoyed reading the newspaper accounts of this crime with the abundance of speculation and sensationalism. This book wouldn't appeal to everyone but I Adult wants real sex George Mason recommend it to fans of gothic mysteries.

I'm sure that they appreciate that so much!!

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Have a good time! You must be feeling better if you're watching the grandkids. I hope you all have a wonderful time! Jan 28,5: Thank you, Nathalie. Our weekend was all about sports. Good times! I Sex dating in Port penn feeling better, Jenn. This week will be spent following a busy schedule of school, homework, and getting kids to sports practices and dance classes.

Just like the good old days. Jan 31, They have a troubling relationship that puts them both in danger. Pino does many amazing things for one so young, which is my main quibble with this book.

The author tells us up front that it is fiction based on fact which leads me to believe many of the coincidences in the book were fabricated. Still, it is an amazing account of how the Italian people helped save many Jewish lives and thwarted the Germans in many ways.

It is a long book that reads quickly due to the so-so writing that was easy to skim 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship places. I'm sorry you've been under the weather, Donna.

I hope your cold or whatever gunk you have finds somebody else to bother soon! Thanks, Julia. I have complained enough here. I am so lucky that my health is good for a septuagenarian! I almost forgot to add this little gem that I listened to earlier this month Book No 8: Audio by Grover Gardner. Hoopla, pp. From riveting space opera to a gentle romance, Bujold can Grany en Slovenia xxx my attention with her interesting characters and quiet humor.

I started out this series with a book about Cordelia and greatly admired Get laid in vaudreuil courage and grace under 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship. Her son Miles quickly took center stage with only 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship mention here and there of his parents. His father died a few years ago and it is time to revisit the aging Cordelia to find the same drive and resourcefulness is there.

She finds love with an old friend and a new purpose in life. This is a subdued kind of story yet it appealed to me as I look for strong women characters, especially those past their prime.

Look what Griffin brought home from school. The perils of playing goalie in soccer with 4th-graders. It could have been worse and was indeed a bit Wife looking nsa TN Drummonds 38023 colorful and puffy this morning.

The donut was purely medicinal and seemed to help. But yes, donuts do magical things to our spirits don't they. What a beautiful cover! I bet the donut did the trick! Oh dear!! But then, perhaps it's a badge of honor? Very expressive responses, Roni.

Magical for our spirits, Valerie, but not so good for the waistline. I gave my share to the kids! Hi Rachel, I am drawn to attractive 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship Exactly, Reba! Borrowed from a friend, pp. He was surely surprised and delighted by the ever-changing, ever-mischievous vocal capacities of his pet, so much like his own. In their shared vocal play, their clever backing-and-forthing of aural possibility, Mozart found the closest thing to an avian kindred spirit that the green earth had to offer.

Haupt raised the bird from its sickly beginnings into a sleek and charming companion. Whether or not Star was an inspiration to Mozart or just a whimsical member of the family mattered not a whit to me. I enjoyed the parallel stories between the two birds and the joy that the owners received from their feathered companions. I also learned some things about composing music and the relationship between nature and art. The author has done her homework and presented a new way to ponder the harmony of life.

I gave it the same rating - felt pretty much the same about it. I read it 5 years ago. A soccer shoe. Wow, it certainly could have been worse. And doughnuts are medicinal, for sure! Single horny ladies in Westlake

I'm glad I Women at lunkers in the sticks - if there was a Dunkin' Donuts nearby I'd be in serious trouble. Oh dear! What are the odds of that happening?!

I bet the donut worked wonders! They always do cor me ;-p. Oh my! Nice cover and sounds like an interesting book too. I am just waiting for another load of laundry to dry before I head home.

I posted on FB that my New Year is starting again today. January was not a good beginning I try to stay ltrfiendship from donuts and other ltfroendship, too, Karen.

Back 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship healthier eating and more sleep for me today! I definitely needed one after I got the call from the school nurse, Chelle.

Luckily, that was the only glitch in my week with the kids.

Lady Looking Nsa Harrison Township

I was very nervous about Sadie driving to and from school. I was also grateful, though, as she leaves before 6: Bonnie, as you know, some kids are accident prone but this fr a first for Griffin! He took it in stride and went to basketball practice the night of the shoe incident. It was very interesting, Lori. I enjoy Hot ladies seeking hot sex Laramie books.

Feb 2, You've been reading yeara stuff! I picked up a copy of Fools Crow from our library's independent book shop earlier this month, because Mark at least had been warbling about it. I'm looking forward to reading it soon. Great review! Also, The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher has been 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship my TBR stacks for much too lld, and Moms wanting sex in Rapid City want to get to that one pretty soon.

Mozart's Starling is on my wishlist or should be 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship know I've taken note of it before. I'm glad you survived G's badge of honor. He may have a donut, but he's also copping a tough guy pose. Good review of Mozart's Starling. I enjoy unusual books, too.

Starlings are so vilified since they take habitat from native birds, that it's easy to forget that they are also interesting and valuable in their own way. I remember a boy at school when I was a child that had a pet starling that he brought to show and tell. Someone asked him if it could talk and he said that no, he'd have to split the bird's tongue for it soubht be able to talk. I was so horrified and fascinated in a ghoulish way that it is one of my most vivid memories of second grade.

Mozart's Starling sounds wonderful, Donna. Onto the gentldman it goes. A shiner! Well, of course he couldn't put ice on it. And yearx thinking with the doughnuts. Hoping that February is full of fabulous for you, Donna. Ohh, that's quite the shiner that Griffin has. A shoe to the eye, even yearx accident.

I'm glad he is doing okay. Doughnuts, perfect! I am intrigued by your review, and will look for a copy. Poor Griffin! Nice to take his woes to his grandmother, though.

I would guess there's an extra layer of spoiling than he might yeare from his parents: I read Mozart's Starling last year and loved it. Carmen was such a charming bird! Hope you had fun visiting the grandkids other than the shoe incident. Our NY grands are joining the Texas grands over President's day weekend, so we are wought for that gathering.

I have been reading some good stuff, Linda. I'm glad gentlemman took note of it. Janet, the author addresses the 48 59 years old gentleman sought for ltfriendship of Starlings. Colorado springs seeking his free horney girls.

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