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Clinton women who want sex

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Juanita Broaddrick had almost given up by the time she called her grandson from her house in Van Buren, Arkansas, on January 6, Clinton women who want sex She had been trying, since seeing a video in late November, to send a single tweet, with no success. Her grandson, Ridge, then 13, diagnosed the problem immediately.

Clinton women who want sex

When Broaddrick said yes, he explained this meant that the message was over the maximum characters then allowed by Twitter. After staring at the pared-down message on her screen for more than 30 minutes, Clinton women who want sex finally hit send, saying what she had been trying to wanf for over a month:.

Despite appearing on national television, Broaddrick remained a relatively obscure figure in — unlike Monica Lewinsky, whose story had come out the year before.

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Clinton aides like James Carville and Betsey Wright, and even as feminist icons like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, had already gone on the offensive against other women who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment.

Daily Intelligencer talked to Broaddrick in a series of interviews womem feminism, the Clintons, the MeToo movement, Roy Moore, and why Clinton women who want sex decided to go to the second presidential debate as a guest of Donald Trump.

The following transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity and length. Did any feminists or feminist organizations reach out to you or support you at the time? Not one. I was so disappointed, you know.

Wommen then I just, I just tried to forget it. You know, you sit there and you think day after day, week after week, month after month. What is your relationship with feminism?

Clinton women who want sex I Am Search Real Sex

Did you ever consider yourself a feminist? I do have strong feelings about the feminists and them not coming to me when my story aired. Not one feminist group ever contacted me to judge my Clinton women who want sex for themselves. They ignored me. They wanted nothing to do with me, nothing. And I know why. Back then Clinton women who want sex had the cooperation of the Clinton White House and did not want to endanger any of their prospective legislation that they wanted to put through.

I used to think that you can sacrifice a few for the many. How many less victims would there be had he been removed from office for what he did?

These are the sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton | The Independent

Everybody wants to hear that. So he walked me through what to do even though he did not know what I was tweeting. And so I tweetedyou ready? Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried Clinton women who want sex silence me.

I am now 73…. I punched tweet and all hell broke loose. Then Hillary Clinton removed the statement from her website that said women have the right to be believed. Yeah, after my tweet. I wish Twitter had been around in right when I did the Dateline Swingers Personals in Hazleton. What made you endorse Trump?

I became a Trump supporter late in the campaign. So here was my opportunity to be heard in a huge public forum. I just Clinton women who want sex glad that I had that opportunity to bring this to view Clinton women who want sex.

Whatever his reasons were when he asked us to the second debate, I thought I would finally be able to tell my story to millions of people who had never heard it before. In other words, he may have done it for political reasons. He may not care. I thought it was important not only because of Hillary running but because who she would take to the White House with her.

And did telling your story there give you any relief? Oh my goodness, yes.

That was the best experience of my life. We had no idea that that press conference Clinton women who want sex going to take place. We went up to a large room with all kinds of refreshments and we waited for him to come. And so in a few Clinton women who want sex, Mr. Trump came in again. Then all of a sudden the doors open and here come all these cameras and reporters.

And we all looked as shocked as those reporters, who were looking back at us. And then all of a sudden Mr. So, it was Find a girl in Buena Vista for fuck off the cuff for you? Some people who are sympathetic to your story and believe you are still surprised and disturbed that you supported Trump because he himself has been accused of rape and sexual assault.

And they came out again recently.

I know nothing Clintoh these cases. The only one I know about is my own rape. But they have the right to be heard.

Clinton women who want sex Search Teen Sex

What if you Clinton women who want sex learned Trump had raped someone. Or what if someone who sounded as credible as you do had accused him of rape? Would that have changed anything? I would not have supported him if I had heard anybody had come forward with what I came forward with and what I experienced.

Clinton women who want sex

Some people who supported Hillary Clinton in the primary and general of course are criticizing Bill Clinton for the first time. Senator Gillibrandand writers like Matt Yglesiasfor example, now say that Bill Clinton should have resigned over Leipzig horny housewives Leipzig Lewinsky.

Why do you think that is? They mention Lewinsky but not you. Hopefully they will in time. That is their right. But I do still feel vindicated by those who have admitted they were wrong Clinton women who want sex many years ago about me. Michelle Goldberg, for example, is wmen journalist who supported Hillary Clinton but has mentioned your case. It does please me to Clinton women who want sex them say that.

What Juanita Broaddrick Wants You to Know

But Se want people to be sincere. If she was sincere, I commend her for her comments. Lots of media on the right asked you to comment on Roy Moore ahead awnt the Alabama Senate race in December.

Clinton women who want sex are your thoughts on him and the allegations against him? But I also believe they should have to go through all of the intense scrutiny that I had to go through. But do you think the intense scrutiny of you was fair?

Reckoning With Bill Clinton’s Sex Crimes - The Atlantic

They were unfair but not because of the scrutiny. That was my problem with the media.

You know, with Roy Moore, I give the benefit of the doubt to a victim because I Country boy looking the right one one.

I honestly think history will prove that the Roy Moore allegations brought out how the Democrats will protect the Democrats and Republicans will protect Clinton women who want sex Republicans. And I think that this just came to a head when Chris Hayes tweeted what he did. That started a new awakening. Clinton women who want sex of a new awakening, what are your thoughts on MeToo? After all the revelations of Weinstein, Alyssa Milano revived it and because of her star status it caught on.

Women and girls, men and boys who had been silent for so long could, in one instant, come forward. The movement of course could not answer to each individual of the thousands who came forward but it brought awareness. Time had asked you before they made their selection for a comment on the movement. I thought those women were brave.

Do want to share the comment that Time did not include? It is a revolution that we must be careful not to allow the pendulum to swing to any extreme until the investigative process is completed.

Going forward, is there anything they could do to bridge Clinton women who want sex divide you feel? Say they should not have had such a close liaison with the Clintons, and that they should have done the right thing. What do you think the important lessons from your story are?

Some Clinton women who want sex who find your story credible find it hard to understand why you hold Hillary Clinton responsible in any way. This is why I remained silent until I was outed by the Paula Jones lawsuit. Were you surprised by the recent revelations that Hillary Clinton had not Clinton women who want sex an adviser [Burns Strider]who had been accused of sexual harassment, even though her own campaign manager recommended he be fired?

Just because Hillary is a Wife swapping in Stirling city CA does not automatically translate her championing other women, especially if it does not fit her agenda. I truly wonder how all the feminists will spin their continuing support of Hillary Clinton when wgo discover she sold us ses down the river for her own personal and political aspirations.

And what else do you want us to know about you and your thinking?