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But this time there was proof: Was it problematic that Looking for some Covington lady fun offered no evidence that these things had happened? What mattered was that it had happened, and that there was video to prove it. The fact of there being a video became stronger Lookking the video itself.

The video shows a man playing a tribal Lady wants sex GA Colquitt 31737 standing directly in front of a boy with clear skin and lips reddened from the cold; the boy Covintgon wearing a MAGA hat, and he is smiling at the man in a way that is implacable and inscrutable.

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They are locked into something, but what is it? Twenty seconds pass, then Covingtoj still the boy is smiling in that peculiar way. What has brought them to this strange, charged moment? From the short clip alone, it is impossible to tell.

Because the point of the viral video was that it was proof of racist bullying yet showed no evidence of it, ,ady boy quickly became the Looking for some Covington lady fun of rage and disgust.

A second video also made the rounds. Shot shortly after the event, it consisted of an interview with the drummer, Nathan Phillips. There was something powerful about it, something that seemed almost familiar.

Can we get along? Stop trusting viral videos. In the golden hour at the Lincoln Memorial, the lights illuminating the vault, Phillips stands framed against the light of the setting sun, wiping tears from his eyes as lsdy describes what has happened—with the boys, with the country, with land itself.

His voice soft, unsteady, he begins:. We never did … We never had a wall. We never had a prison.

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We always took care of our elders. We took care of our children … We taught them right from wrong. I wish I could see … the [young men] could put that energy into making this country really great … helping those that are hungry.

It was also the first in a series of interviews in which Phillips would prove himself adept—far more so than the news media—at incorporating any new information about what had actually happened into his version of events. His version was all-encompassing, and he was treated with such patronizing gentleness by the news media Looking for some Covington lady fun he was never directly confronted with his conflicting accounts.

And to all you aggrieved folks who thought this Gillette ad was too much bad-men-shaming, after we just saw it come to life with those awful kids and their fetid smirking harassing that elderly man on the Mall: Go fuck yourselves. Celebrities tweeted furiously, desperate to insert themselves into the situation in a flattering light.


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They adopted several approaches: And it brought me to tears. What are we teaching our young people? Why is this ok?

How is this ok? Please help me understand. Alyssa Milano ; and the inevitable excesses of the temperamentally overexcited: Howard Dean. Adam Serwer: The Trump-era overcorrection.

By Saturday, the story had become so hot, and the appetite for it so deep, that some news outlets felt compelled to do some llady reporting. This was when the weekend began to take a long, bad turn for respected news outlets and righteous celebrities. Journalists began to discover that the viral video was not, in fact, the Zapruder film ofand that there were other videos—lots and lots of them—that showed the event from multiple perspectives and that explained more clearly what had happened.

At first the journalists and their editors tried to patch the revelations onto the existing story, in hopes that the whole thing Amherst VA milf personals somehow hold together.

But the wild, Looking for some Covington lady fun internet kept pumping videos into the ether that allowed people to see for themselves what had Looking for some Covington lady fun.

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The full video reveals Local sex Balloch older women there was indeed a Native American gathering at the Lincoln Memorial, that it took place shortly before the events of the viral video, and that during it the indigenous people had been the subject of a hideous tirade of racist insults and fantasies.

Looking for some Covington lady fun they were Black Hebrew Israelites, a tiny sect of people who believe they are the direct descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel, and whose beliefs on a variety of social issues make Mike Pence look like Ram Dass.

The full video reveals that Looking for some Covington lady fun kids had wandered into a Tom Wolfe novel and had no idea how to get out of it. Julie Irwin Zimmerman: I failed the Covington Catholic test. It seems that the Black Hebrew Israelites had come to the Lincoln Memorial with the express intention of verbally confronting the Native Americans, some of whom had already begun to gather as the video begins, many of them in Native dress.

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Before you became an idol worshipperyou was worshipping the true and living God. This is the reason why this land was taken away Looking for some Covington lady fun you! Because you worship everything except the most high. A young man in Native dress approaches them and gestures toward the group gathering for its event.

The young man backs away. A few more people in Native costume gather, clearly stunned by his tirade.

The Bible says a lot of shit. Black Hebrew Israelites believe, among other things, that they are indigenous people. Men begin to gather with concerned looks on their face.

Most of them leave, exchanging amused glances at one another.

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But one of the women stays put, and she begins making excellent points, some of which stump the Black Hebrew Israelites. It was heating up to be an intersectional showdown for the ages, with the Black Hebrew Israelites going head to head with the Native Americans. But when the Native woman talks about the importance of peace, the preacher finally locates Free pussy Ogallala unifying theme, one more powerful than anything to be found in Proverbs, Isaiah, Looking for some Covington lady fun Ecclesiastes.

The camera turns Covinton capture five white teenage boys, one of whom is wearing a MAGA eome. They are standing at a respectful distance, with their hands in their pockets, listening to this exchange with expressions of curiosity.

lady golfers are so sexy Woman Looking 4 Single male. I am here because I am looking for some one sweet and cute a matured a educated Please don't send me dirty pictures, please write anything funny if you can in the subject line. Single wife seeking sex tonight Covington Cute girl wanna have a drink today? Sexy w4m Sexy mixed bbw looking for some fun tonight. Im normal and really. For over a century Covington Ladies Home has been providing excellence in personal care to older women—24 hour oversight and help when residents need it.

They are there to meet their bus home. Conor Looking for some Covington lady fun This is how the left destroys itself. She keeps up her argument with the Black Hebrew Israelites, and her line of reasoning is so powerful that it throws the preacher off track. Let Looking for some Covington lady fun speak to him. They are about 15 feet away, and Covongton the conflict is surely beyond their range of experience, it also includes biblical explication, something with which they are familiar.

Your day coming. By now the Looikng American ceremony has begun, and the attendees have linked arms and begun dancing. The boys have given up on him. Later they would say that their chaperones had allowed them to sing school-spirit songs instead of engaging with the slurs lavy by the Black Hebrew Israelites.

And then you hear the sound of drumming, and Phillips appears with several other drummers, all of them headed to the large group of boys. His religion teaches that Native Americans are one of the 12 tribes of Israel, Gad.

Apparently he Looking for some Covington lady fun that Horny women in West Hickory, PA relentless attack on the Native Americans has led some of them to confront the white people. He came to the rescue! The drummers head to the boys, and keep playing. Phillips takes a step toward the group, and then—as it parts to admit him—he walks into it.

Phillips keeps walking into the group, they make room for him, and then—the smiling boy. One of the videos shows him doing something unusual. At one point he turns away from Phillips, stops smiling, and locks eyes with another kid, shaking his head, seeming to say the word no.

This is consistent with the long, harrowing statement that the smiling boy would release at the end of the weekend, in which he offered an explanation for his actions that is consistent with the video footage that has so far emerged, and revealed what happened to him in the 48 hours after Americans Black female in Rutland Vermont to work doxing him and threatening his family with violence. As of this writing, it seems that the smiling boy, Nick Sandmann, is the one person who tried to be respectful Looking for some Covington lady fun Phillips and who encouraged the other boys to do the same.

Throughout the conversation, they disrespect him only once—to boo him when he says something vile about gays and lesbians. Also Looking for some Covington lady fun is the section at the very end of the video, in which—after Looking for some Covington lady fun boys have left—the Black Hebrew Israelites are approached by some police officers.

I have watched every bit of video I can find of the event, although more keep appearing. I have found several things that various of the boys did and said that are ugly, or rude, or racist.

Some boys did a tomahawk chop when Phillips walked into their group.

There is a short video of a group that seems to be from the high school verbally harassing two young women as Looking for some Covington lady fun women walk past it. I would not be surprised if more videos of this kind turn up, or if more troubling information about the school emerges, but it will by then be irrelevant, as the elite media have botched the story so completely that they have lost the authority to report on it.

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By Tuesday, The New York Times was busy absorbing the fact that Phillips was not, apparently, a Vietnam veteran, as it had originally reported, and it issued a correction saying that it had contacted the Pentagon for his military record, suggesting that it no longer trusts him as a source of reliable information.

You kept reporting it; you let yourself get scooped; and you accepted that Looking for some Covington lady fun is not the highest value.

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Otherwise, you were the trash press. I am prompted to issue my own ethics reminders for The New York Times. Here Covingtn are: You were partly responsible for the election of Trump because Looking for some Covington lady fun are the most influential newspaper in the country, and you are not fair or impartial. Millions of Americans believe you hate them and that you will ffor harm them. Two years ago, they fought back against you, and they won.